Now we’re EVEN MORE AWESOME: Urban Kitchen launches!

the Urban Kitchen brand has launched

And hot damn, the website looks sharp. Designed with the modern nomadic city-dweller in mind, these products are meant to be multi-functional and space-saving. While not on shelves yet, the products will be out by January, at retailers you have heard of, no less!

Along with Christopher Raia Studios, we’ve worked hard to develop the concepts and style over the last 10 months. We’ve really pushed to develop innovative products that don’t break the bank, and we think we’ve done pretty well: none of the pieces cost more than $30 retail.

If you want to know, our particular favorite is the Cut And Prep cutting board system. The prep trays snap tight inside the cutting board when not in use. But when chopping up your rutabaga or whatever, they slip just under the cutting board’s rim, allowing you to slide the chopped parts straight off the board into the dish. Yes, we are very clever.

Cut And Prep System