The Greens

The Greens

Made from an exciting new recycled material, the Greens are a premium line of kitchen goods. Gaining high retailer demand and a major award nomination before they were even available, these hand-tools have exceeded all expectations.

The line was developed with a specific plastic in mind for manufacturing: an innovative blend of recycled polypropylene and shaved wood fiber, which both reduces the amount of plastic used per product and utilizes an otherwise cast-off material. This wood-PP blend is hygenic, inexpensive, and very sturdy.


The Greens


The plastic blend works best when left in earth-tone colors, which led to the Green’s development as a diverse family group. A lengthy brainstorming process led to numerous excellent concepts, which allowed us to develop all 10 items in the line simultaneously.




Through the development process, each of the character’s qualities suggested intrinsic personalities. As a result, writing the marketing copy for each individual Green came easily.


Sud Green knows that to be truly punk you have to help out around the house. Doing the dishes is his scene, and he excels at scrubbing and scouring. When not working  through your pots and pans, he enjoys thinking about reducing the carbon footprint of his slam-dancing boots.

Elected on a platform of reform (“No Bad Apples!”), Mayor Corey fulfills his civic duty efficiently, cutting right to the heart of the issues. A tireless worker for the people, he also loves pie, applesauce, and juice.

Brandon Green isn't always the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he is the best peeler. You give him a peel-related task and he gets it done. Potatoes, carrots, zucchini, apples? Done. Mango? No problem. Butternut squash? Are you even trying to stump him?


Developed in conjunction with Christopher Raia Studio and Boston Warehouse, we were all honored to have the Greens named a Finalist in the 2010 Housewares Design Awards.


Housewares Award Finalist


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