To Do: Mass Innovation Night this Wednesday

Mass Innovation Night

We are looking forward to checking out Mass Innovation Night at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham this week. The free event is curated by our friend @bobbiec in support of both entrepreneurs and established companies who are Trying Crazy Crap, and it promises to be pretty interesting.


This will be the second @MassInno night, and we unfortunately had to miss the first one, but it was a raging success by all accounts. Bobbie is working hard to keep it relevant and engaging, and has been very selective about who can present. Many of the companies so far have been software or web-apps, but they are definitely interesting.


Among the presenters this time: Hubunity is launching something like a localized Facebook. IBM/Lotus is presenting their collaborative business software. And Mix&Meet sounds awesome for the socially adventurous: When extroversion hits, log in and sign up to meet 5 strangers IRL at a bar or coffee shop that evening. (In the so-crazy-it-just-might-work department, we will absolutely try this.)


The event is totally free to both presenters and attendees. Bobbie is only asking that everyone share the love by blogging or tweeting about any specific projects that you found cool. The hashtag for this month’s event is #MIN2, so you (and we) can search twitter for related posts more easily.


You should come. Bobbie would appreciate a répondez s’il vous plaît. Feel free to let me know, too; we’ll meet up. Also, people tend to go for drinks across the street afterward.