ONE Going Strong


Congratulations to the team over at ONE: they’ve secured a really great position with Target! Starting next March, ONE Condoms will be available from the retailer nation-wide, and sold, of course, in the packaging designed here at Nerve Action.

To celebrate, I put a sneak peak of ONE’s newest Nerve Action-designed product below the fold.


BTW, if you can’t wait until March, you can always get ONE’s products at most Walgreens, Publix, and Albertson’s locations. If you are in Canada, you can get them at Shopper’s Drug Mart.


Another Canadian bonus: ONE’s new personal lubricant was just released up in the Great White, and we also designed that. Sorry, American friends, you will have to wait for FDA approval (required for all lubes in the US) but here’s a picture, so keep your eyes peeled.


ONE Personal Lubricant


I know! Pretty cool, right?