All Access: Design Annex Tour

Design Annex

I recently had the opportunity to tour the soon-to-open Design Annex co-working environment in Union Sq, Somerville. It’s a really exciting space focused on helping creatives build a strong community and leverage each other’s skills.


Mimi Graney, of Union Square Main Streets, is heading the non-profit program, which is aimed specifically at professional designers, architects, illustrators, and the like. I have met a number of the prospective members, and it is shaping into a very cool situation.


Main space


The space is newly renovated, and right in the center of Union. It’s in the former police station (which inspired the name of Precinct, the bar conveniently located downstairs).


The layout is really fantastic: a large work space with numerous monitor stations (BYO laptop); a generous pin-up wall; kitchen/eating space; locker-space; a privacy room for calls; conference room; and a mezzanine-level library space with an amazing skylight roof. There’s also shared equipment like printers, scanners, spray-booth, and all that. It’s pretty great.


Mezz library
The mezzanine level, with chairs reclaimed from the Somerville Theater


Conf Room
Conference room, the charming Ms. Graney


The space will be open for business in mid-December, and they are actively accepting members. If I didn’t already have a studio (a mere 3 blocks away), I would be all over this.