They Grow Up So Fast, Don’t They?

Heart Catheter Robot

A few years back, I helped design and build a robot.
Last week, that robot successfully performed it’s first heart surgery.
I’m so proud of you, son.


Developed for Catheter Robotics, the Remote Catheter Manipulation System allowed Dr Andre Ng to remotely navigate a catheter through blood vessels from the groin to the heart, and implant internal electrodes.

Remote Catheter Manipulation System

One of the most interesting parts of the development was the controller. Despite being an entirely digital signal, the controller itself is highly analog and tactile: A lever controls the catheter’s prehensile end, while the front knob rotates the entire catheter. Used together, these two interfaces allow the surgeon to direct the catheter as it navigates through the body.

Heart Catheter Robot Controller

The robot allows a surgeon to avoid exposure to the X-rays used to observe the operation during surgery. While a single surgery is safe for the patient, the hundreds of surgeries that surgeons perform greatly increases their radiation-exposure risks. EVERYONE WINS!